Weight Stabilization and Maintenance/Phase 3 & 4

Weight Stabilization & Maintenance Diet

Duration: This phase is 3-6 weeks

• Importance: This phase involves stabilizing your body’s metabolism at your new
weight. This phase is just as important as the Fat Burning phase. You want to reset your
metabolism at your new weight, so that your body does not fluctuate up or down on the
scale. If you still need to lose more weight you may do a second round of HCG after this
phase is completed.
• You must weigh yourself every morning as soon as you rise, but after you have
• Eat three meals a day. You may increase your meals in size and quantity, as long as
you follow the rules below.
• Eat an adequate amount of daily calories to maintain weight.
Avoid: sugar, breads, pastas, starchy vegetables (all potatoes, corn, dense squashes,
carrots, and beets), rice, wheat, cereals, noodles, barley, any kind of flour, rye, food
starch, etc. Beware of processed foods, because many will contain starches and sugars.
• Add in other veggies, and you may eat a variety of veggies in the same meal.
• Add in other fruits, except very sugary fruits (bananas, grapes, and any dried fruits).
• Add in fats and dairy products. Avocados, nuts, olive oils, good fats (like fatty fish),
butter, cheese, and so on can be eaten at any meal.

Supplements: During this stage supplements are added in. Now that you are not burning your body’s fat cells with stored nutrients, you need to supply your body with vitamins and minerals to function properly.
- EFA’s – essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are necessary for many functions in our
bodies. They support everything from our skin and hair to our brain; our body
needs a certain amount each and every day. If you do not eat the right amount per
day, your body will cause you to crave fatty foods until you have met your body’s
needs Taking a supplement is an easy way to meet your body’s needs, and to help
curb unnecessary cravings for fatty foods.
- Multivitamin – a multivitamin will provide you with a portion of all of the
vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy body. The food we eat may not
contain the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, and it is always a good
to supplement with a multivitamin.
- Enzymes – digestive enzymes help to break down food we eat. They can aid
in digesting food, and help our bodies readjust to food we have not eaten for

Keep in mind; you have been on a 500-calorie diet for weeks now. Do NOT go crazy
and start eating 2500 calories on the 1st day after. Sneak up to it. Here is an example.
- First, find out your calorie limit: Women, this equates to 11 times your current
weight, Men 12 times your current weight.
- Example: For a woman whose current weight is 150 lbs, multiplied times 11 is
1650 calories a day.
- Example: for a man whose current weight is 200, multiplied times 12 is 2400
calories a day.

Week 1 – OK, so for week 1 after your 500 calorie diet, work your way up to about
800-1000 calories a day. Remember no sugar, starches and low carbohydrates. Yes, you can eat fats during this time, but don’t overdo it.
• Continue to drink lots of water. You can now eat 3+ meals a day.
• You can use butter, oil or cooking spray in your frying pan, just use it sparingly!
• Your protein will intake will increase to about 6-8 oz per meal or up to 600
calories per day. Your salad can now be a mixture of all your favorite things that
you want in the salad, just no sugars, and starches.
• Try to eat a little at each meal and try to get in a mid morning and mid
afternoon snack.

Week 2 – Then for week 2, increase your daily calorie count to about 1000-1500 calories per day. Do this by adding in more veggies. Maybe some soups, cheese, peanut butter, nuts and other low carbohydrate type foods.

Week 3 – Then by week 3 you can work your way up to your total calorie limit. You
should be eating 5 or 6 little meals a day. Eat breakfast, a mid morning snack, Lunch, a
mid-afternoon snack and Dinner. You might get away with a light dinner snack.
Weight yourself every day and do not allow for more than a 2-pound gain. If there is, do
a Steak day! This means skip breakfast and lunch on that day. At dinner, you are to eat a large steak an apple or a raw tomato. You may drink as much water as possible
throughout the day. The next day when you wake up, weigh yourself, and you should
have dropped back down by at least 1 pound. Make sure you are weighing every day from the beginning of this phase. We cannot stress the importance of this. Many people think that they do not need to weigh themselves every day, and that they will be able to notice any weight gain. This is not necessarily true. Even if you are traveling, you need to take a scale with your and weigh yourself every morning to ensure you stabilize your weight.

Now, to add in the starches and sugars

Sugars and Starches (the carbohydrates) are the danger zone! Reintroduce these too
fast, and you may have a weight gain. So to avoid that, this is what we have learned. ADD them SLOWLY!

Week 4 – So, for week 4 after your 500-calorie diet, add in the one carbohydrate food
that you missed the most. Eat bread, pasta, potato or whatever, but just one. Then, the
next day, stop that one and add another one. Do not eat two carb foods in the same day during week 4. Only eat one carb food per meal. Just change your carbohydrate from day to day. Weigh yourself the next day and see if there are any weight changes. If so, try cutting the portion in half for the next time.

Week 5 – For week 5, combine 2 carb foods in the same day, but not at the same meal. Eat Bread with a sandwich for lunch and a potato for dinner or what

Week 6 – For week 6, start combing the carbs during the same meal, but do this 1-day at a time. By the end of week 6, you should be eating a good, healthy, well rounded, high fiber, lower fat, diet within your calorie limit without worrying about gaining weight!

Avoid over-eating; (stay within your calorie limit) avoid eating both a high fat and
high carb meal. You may get away with a high fat meal or a high carb meal but high fat
and high carb together are a bad combination.

Please keep in mind the supplements/minerals are suggested if you have your own regimen stick with what you are comfortable with.  I also like to keep a food journal for the week when I introduced new foods, so I could go back  and reflect on how my body reacted to certain additions.

Happy losing!


  1. I just entered Phase 3 of the HCG diet about 3 days ago and have grafually shown a gain each day although still not enough to exceed the 2 pound increase they warn about. I found what you wrote to be very helpful and I greatly apreciate the opportunity to learn more since I’m learning as I go and so far, have surpassed that of my friend who introduced me to the program (therefore, she can no longer give me a first person perspective). Thanks!

  2. Lori Fleming says:

    can you do an apple day instead of steak day on phase 3?

  3. The apple day is specifically for phase 2. When your on the vlcd (very low calorie diet). The steak is high in protein and that is what your body needs on phase 3.

    Thank you
    I hope this helps!

  4. Just finished with Phase 2 a few days ago,was kinda doing a combination of Dr Simeons and Dr Lipmans HCG diet plan. Lost 15lbs in 21 days. Now that I’m going into Phase 3, I’m a little confused? Dr Simeons diet says NO breads; where as Dr Lipman says OK to bread products that are low carb-40-50 calories, 2 gram sugar or less, rye or whole wheat bread may be added during this phase. Such as breakfast could be 2 eggs with a slice of toast. What’s your thought on this dilema?

    Thanks, Cindy

  5. Hi Cindy
    Congrats on the great weight loss. I personally would follow Dr. Simmeons protocol.
    I have had the best results with the weight stabilization and maintainence following it specifically. I would definately introduce carbs and sugars slowly to see how your body reacts to them.

  6. God bless u vanessa for helping ppl with this article my email is picassp111@gmail.com i would like to talkbto u about hcg thnx

  7. Can you eat yogurt the first week of phase 3 if plain and sweetend with stevia?

  8. Hi Mikey
    When you refer to phase 3 are you refering to stabilization (more calories but same foods) or the maintenance part
    I would introduce yogurt when you are on the maintenance part and see how your body reacts to it.
    Thank you for the inquiry I appreciate it
    Good luck! Great job on the weight loss and improving your life.

  9. First let me start by saying how glad I am to have found your website. I just wish I had found it sooner because I went through the HCG phase 2 and 3 through another program that gave me homeopathic HCG and very little coaching. My current situation is that I’ve been on the stabilization phase (3) for three weeks but have had to do steak days almost weekly, the last one was two days ago. I did not enter phase 3 as you recommend on here because I didn’t know how to, but started eating 1700+ calories a day from the start.. Again very poor coaching from my terrible program. My question is should I start introducing carbs this week as it is my 4th week since the HCG? I have a trip coming up in less than two weeks to NYC and I don’t know how I would be able to eat one only carb at a time there, as I won’t be able to cook for myself. I’m vegetarian, which has complicated matters. I have, however, been eating fish on this diet. I hope you can help me and I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much, I’m glad you found my site! I hope my information is helpful.
    I would try to eat as good and clean as possible on your trip. If you are still wanting to lose weight after, start the cycle again
    and stabilization is so very important! Keep me posted, I would love to hear your progress. You can email me @ vanessa.c@cox.net.
    Happy losing!

  11. Patricia says:

    I am so happy to have found this site. I am on day 41 of phase 2 with homeopathic spray. I have lost 28 pounds including the 4 I gained loading. The information provided on this site is very helpful as I am feeling terrified of regaining the weight I have lost. I intend to be very careful and follow the suggestions I have read here. I am hopeful that with being present and conscience of what I eat, I will be successful. I plan on doing one more 21 day round in mid September to lose the remaining 20 pounds that separate me from my goal. Thank you so much, again for this extremely helpful site.


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